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“go from there” August 18, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Definition.

go from there
(goh frum THAIR)

About three years ago, people started saying “go from there”. No one knows why. It’s a perfectly logical phrase — we’ll complete a task up to a certain point, and then progress from said point when we arrive.

Really, it’s just a nice way of saying “we didn’t plan ahead, so let’s just vamp the end of the thing.” Not everyone uses it in that fashion, but many corporate folks do. See, most projects, at a corporate level, are never fully thought-out, especially sweeping company-wide projects that involve a new methodology or technology purchased or otherwise acquired from a third party. No one in your company really knows how that technology works, so they cobble something together up at corporate project management and throw it at you and hope everything works out for the best.

It never does, does it. So endless conference calls are scheduled, none of which actually make any sense or are in any way a valuable use of your time, but you’re the project manager on the local level — or, worse, the person who actually has to implement this shoddily-planned endeavor — so you have no choice. And at least once on the call someone at the corporate office will use the phrase and you’ll know in your heart of hearts that that person — most likely the corporate project manager — has absolutely zero idea of how to solve the problem. But something needs to be said, so what you hear is “we’ll definitely address that issue up here, but for the moment, let’s just get the project implementation started and go from there.”

The really annoying part is that, as noted above, “go from there” has become part of the office vernacular, one of those phrases people say when they don’t actually have something to say but want to sound like they have something valid to contribute to the conversation. It’s even branched out into the recreational arena — “how about we all meet at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Street and go from there?”

If that happens to you while you’re going out with your friends, get some new friends. Seriously.



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