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weekly departmental meeting August 20, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Departmental, Meeting Minutes.

Here are some things we discussed in our weekly departmental meeting:

* Blamestorming.
* If everything is important, nothing is important, and communicating that to various other departments. (Shortly thereafter, my boss made a comment about how everything is important again.)
* When there are only a few people in a tiny room, why does everyone speak so loudly?
* No communication between departments. It’s very circular that way around here.
* We’re expecting our biggest problem department to get a new manager very soon. That person has already been announced. Everyone who has a problem with the problem department is treating the new manager like a holy grail. However, I think everyone is expecting the grail to be filled with poo, not gold, no matter how talked-up this new person is. I know I am.
* Everything is important, so everything is an emergency.
* Work is duplicated intradepartmentally because no one talks to anyone else.
* Our lives would be easier if IT hooked up a certain cable. IT is too lazy to hook up said cable.
* Half our department can’t access content to monitor what’s going on. No one cares.
* The problem department has desks our department has to work at from time to time. They’re designed to damage backs, and the monitors are too far away to see.
* A second reference to the holy grail manager.

This is relatively short, but it’s almost COB, and I really want to get out of here. I have a corporate conference call to chronicle for you too. I’ll do that tomorrow.



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