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That Guy’s Tips for Corporate Success, #2 August 22, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Tips for Corporate Success.

The boss is exempt, and it will drive you crazy.

That Guy was asked by the corporate web developer to use our company’s testing server for doing all coding, and then, once the coding was complete, move the files over to the live server. That Guy has no problem with doing this, and in fact endorses the practice.

That Guy’s boss does not.

Recently, a project that had to be changed after That Guy left for the day. That Guy’s boss took care of it. Then, when That Guy came to work the next day, he went in and started making more changes, not realizing that the boss had already made some. On the live server. Not on the testing server.

He’s complained good-naturedly to the corporate web developer about the boss’s practices. He’s talked to his co-workers. He’s even talked to the boss. But when push comes to shove, the boss just doesn’t bother to follow the company-mandated rule for web development.

Because, as is common in the corporate world, bosses are exempt from all rules except the ones they want to follow, and it will drive you crazy.



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