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“Go try it out!” September 3, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Did I Hear That Right?.

The Facts Are These:

That Guy works in a place that is extremely concerned with image. Everything has to be polished and perfect. Everything has to be planned out. Nothing can be spontaneous, or rough, or fun.

Recently, the parent company bought a really awesome new technology. That Guy’s office didn’t use it right — or at all — until his boss said “the hell with this, let’s just do it.” At his own risk, by the way.

On a company-wide conference call today, the head of technology for That Guy’s division just said to take this technology and “go try it out!”

This same guy has been obstructing That Guy’s boss at every turn to use this technology.

If That Guy was in the room, he might’ve had a lot of trouble not just walking up to this head of technology and kicking him in a very uncomfortable place.

Very corporate of that corporate guy, huh.



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