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Success Story #1: The New VP September 22, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Success Stories.

Occasionally, something awesome happens at Corporatespeak Headquarters, and when it does, it is up to That Guy to chronicle it.

This, my friends, is a story of awesome management.

We had a product scheduled to launch at noon. I was not involved; I was merely in the room. Anyway, the project manager for that entire line — who reports to a VP, who then reports to a General Manager — noticed that the product was not running as quickly as it should be. That manager tends to be a bit excitable, and as per usual, he slammed his palm on the desk and shouted, “come on, guys!”

The VP happened to be walking through the room and looked at the product, then at a couple of competitors’ websites we happened to have open to see what they would be doing as we launched.

Then she said, “look at this! No one else is doing this! We’re the only ones!”

She completely and utterly spun the manager’s anger into something extremely positive, celebrating the company’s successes instead of getting upset about our failures.

This VP has only been here for a couple of weeks and already she’s working to change the way we think about things. I’m sure, when applicable, she gets angry and even occasionally yells, but in my time at Corporatespeak I have never — ever — seen a VP in this company celebrate a success in such a way that it completely shut down the protestations of a project manager.

She came to the company highly-touted. Apparently this is one of those intangibles that the corporate office was talking about. And everyone in the room — with the exception of the project manager* — took notice.

* Okay, that’s unfair. I’m sure he did notice. But he’ll probably talk to her in private about why he got upset. He’s actually a very good manager too.



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