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That Guy’s Tips For Corporate Success, #8 October 7, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Tips for Corporate Success.

The only person who is made an example of is the person who screws up once. The quickest way to stay out of trouble is to screw up all the time — in other words, lower expectations.

Gotten any e-mails lately that say “if you don’t do X, then Y will happen, and if Y doesn’t make you do X, then Z will happen”? You most probably ignored them because, if you’re reading this blog, you’re the kind of person who gets the job done and bemoans the fact that no one else does it well, correctly, or on time. Y and Z will never happen to you because you never let yourself get into that kind of situation.

If you do, by the way, it will be wholly by accident and you will find yourself facing both Y and Z because they want to make an example out of you.

How about making an example out of Larry, who can’t be bothered to spell article titles correctly when posting them to the public website? Or Martin, who only does what he wants to and if he gets to completing the task, he is celebrated for his go-get-em attitude? Or Neville, who has been told dozens of times the right way to do the job but refuses to learn? Or, worst of all, Olivia, who is so slow that if she was paid hourly instead of salary, she’d be working two hours of overtime every week?

No. None of those people will be made an example of. They’ve been there too long, or they have too many other tasks, or it’s just not worth the time.

It’s easier just to make an example of the person who tries really hard to get everything done on time and correctly, just to show he or she is human.

Unfair but not abnormal.



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