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“i’m updating the website” October 10, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Did I Hear That Right?.

Dramatis Personae:

Victor: a content person for CorporateSpeak who also occasionaly updates the web.
Wendy: a technician for CorporateSpeak.
Yolanda: a phone operator for CorporateSpeak.

The Facts Are These:

I understand that people don’t like to be taken away from their work when they’re in the middle of something. But there’s a place at CorporateSpeak where content people sit when they’re composing content. Victor was sitting at one of the content desks, writing something for the website, when the phone began to ring. My phone does not have the button to pick up that extension, and anyway, it’s not my responsibility (I know, I know, that makes me just as bad). However, it is Victor’s responsibility.

Wendy was doing something technical and said to Victor, “someone better answer that phone.” (She was unable to do so because of what she was working on at the time.) Victor called back with “I’m updating the website! Not my job!”

Yolanda came out of the office where she was speaking to her supervisor and answered the phone… and then told Victor the call was for him. Victor, by the way, was not logged into his phone (we have a VOIP phone system you have to log into), but instead of logging in, he chose to get up and walk over to his desk.

Then he had the audacity to go to the chief web content editor and toot his own horn about the item he’d just finished for the site. Over the course of about 45 minutes.

But it doesn’t matter. He was updating the website. He doesn’t have to do anything else.

PS: Victor transferred to our office from one of our smaller branches. At that branch, he was expected to update the website every day, and his supervisors touted his ability to do so as they signed the transfer papers. The moment he got here, he “forgot” that it was necessary, and now only does it begrudgingly. Pretty much the same way everyone else feels about our company website, come to think of it.



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