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read carefully before using October 14, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Lessons Learned.

One of the problems with American office workers is that we tend not to read carefully when we get e-mails, instructions, or handouts. It leads to additional e-mails, recalled messages, half-dialed phone calls, and missives to tech support that we feel stupid about a few minutes later. If only we could read the instructions carefully before we took the next step.

Reminds me of an amusing situation at my old job. Suzanne worked with us part-time, and the rest of the time she was employed by Toyota, presenting cars at car shows around the U.S. — one of the women in a polo shirt and khakis, not a bikini girl, although Suzanne is a very attractive woman who would look very nice in a bikini.

I digress.

Suzanne and I were sitting in the office one afternoon and she was rummaging through her purse for some hand sanitizer. She took out a small bottle, opened it, squirted it in her hands, and started rubbing.

And rubbed some more.

And then looked down at her sticky, gooey hands.

Then she read the bottle.

Turns out it was a travel-sized bottle of shampoo. All over her hands. Doh!

Now if only the lovely and talented Suzanne had read the bottle instead of just squirting it onto her hands without looking, she would’ve avoided that problem. And avoided having her hands smell like shampoo.

Lesson Learned: Read everything carefully.



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