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That Guy’s Tips for Corporate Success, #9 October 21, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Tips for Corporate Success.

No matter how intelligent you are, there will always be someone who has to sit at your computer and do something to it.

My department is full of very smart people. We all have at least one college degree, and we all are very computer-savvy. And we can all spell and write.

But recently CorporateSpeak Headquarters was tapped to implement a new centralized solution for something I can’t discuss because of security rules. Every computer has an install of CServer* (as referenced in this post). The new solution requires both a minor upgrade to CServer and a few tweaks made to the computer itself. I already made the tweaks to my computer, as did the other folks in my department. But Pink Shirt Guy (haven’t written about him yet, but I will someday), who’s in charge of making the CServer upgrades, has to physically sit at every computer and log into CServer and see what we need.

And he has to do it himself. We’re all smart and good at our jobs, but Pink Shirt Guy, who has this whole workflow in his head, has to come to everyone’s seat and install the appropriate upgrades. He could put out instructions and tell us to just get back to him if we have trouble. But the vast majority of people around here are not as smart as my department, so I guess Pink Shirt Guy is just bulldozing his way through every department to upgrade CServer.

Or we could just eliminate CServer, right?


Anyway, when Pink Shirt Guy or your version of him comes by, just get out of the way and get it over with quickly. It’s faster and easier than telling him you’re smart enough to do it yourself. No one cares about that anyway.

* CServer may be someone else’s trademark, but I’m using it generically here.



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