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pink shirt guy October 22, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Staff.

Pink Shirt Guy is a holdover from the days when people used the term metrosexual and meant it seriously. He saw that the corporate dress trend was heading in the direction of pastel colors and when he hit the store he stocked up on pink shirts and matching slightly-darker-pink ties. He also has a lot of lavender, beige, and maybe some cerulean.

But every time you see him, you get the feeling that he only wears pink. Pink button-downs, pink polos, pink vests, pink sweaters… more pink than the average one-year-old baby girl has in her wardrobe, and that’s a lot of pink.

Pink Shirt Guy is usually a pretty personable fellow. He’s pleasant, easy to work with and get along with, always takes an interest, and never gets upset without cause. He knows his stuff, and can do at least three different jobs where you work without getting confused or needing much help. He can make the tough decisions, but is just as happy being told what to do. He enjoys local sports and attractions, and he supports your daughter’s Girl Scout troop whenever cookie season rolls around. He’s often married, may have kids of his own, and never, ever has facial hair.

To sum up, it seems like there’s nothing about Pink Shirt Guy that can really be offensive to anyone. And that’s just who he is: an inoffensive person who wouldn’t take up any space in your subconscious… except for those pink shirts. Seriously, every shade, from palest blush to pink lemonade. It’s kind of disturbing, actually. And you can’t even tell him it’s weird, because he wouldn’t understand why you think so. They’re just shirts, right?




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