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“there will be movers in the office this weekend” October 23, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Observations.

Recently, I got an e-mail from one of the managers in a department near mine that said “there will be movers in the office this weekend, delivering some new furniture to [a certain department]. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Okay, fine, I get that. Sometimes we need new furniture. Hell, new furniture can be a gift from above sometimes, especially if your desk is decorated with coffee-rings from two employees before your tenure or your chair smells like an airplane bathroom — or, worse, is a great chair but somehow damages your back, neck, or legs by its sheer construction.

When you move into a new building, though, as CorporateSpeak Headquarters did a few months ago, you don’t expect to see e-mails like that.

But I disregarded it. I don’t work weekends, and I had been told in a previous meeting where the new furniture was going and what it was going to be used for. I have to admit, I thought it was a good idea at the time; it would spread out some content producers, allow others to move back from the switchboard, and get everyone into a more efficient configuration.

What we got was a horseshoe-shaped table attached to another horseshoe-shaped desk*.

And that’s it.

Eh. Whatever. It’s not bothering me any.

Or is it?

(click image to enlarge)

The blue line is the path I now have to take to go to the bathroom. The orange line is the path I used to take. Not a huge hardship, except that now everyone on the left side above the printers has to use the blue line. It was pretty amusing, the day after the furniture arrived, how many people messed up, got stuck or trapped in the meeting area, and had to turn around.

The whole thing just struck me as kind of silly; announcing movers in the department, telling everyone there’d be some new furniture, and then only seeing one new thing that just happens to inconvenience 11 people on a daily basis.

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be corporate if it didn’t inconvenience someone.

* The desk was already in the office; it used to belong to a middle manager, but said middle manager was downsized last month.


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