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no interruption to your site should be seen October 24, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Inexplicable Memos From Above.

On Tuesday [date redacted] between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. EDT, Crappy CorporateSpeak Product #8 will be migrating all development sites to a new network infrastructure.

No interruption to your site should be seen. Users will experience intermittent access to development sites throughout the duration of the maintenance window.

Crappy CorporateSpeak Product #8, for those who don’t know, is the system by which users of CS applications communicate with each other. Kind of like a cross between a sharepoint and a BBS. It’s slow, buggy, poorly-designed, and poorly-scripted. Naturally CS bought it from a third party, because there were so many better versions out there but this was the only one cheap enough for CS to buy and make their own.

Yeah. Anyway.

The people who developed CCSP8 announced recently that they would be upgrading the sites upon which the system is hosted. I’m all for that.

But not during the heaviest usage period for the entire east coast network of CorporateSpeak regional and branch offices. Seriously, what idiot came up with that plan? Someone far, far above the pay grade of myself, my colleagues, and my boss. And, actually, his boss too.

We’re hoping everything goes as planned — especially since we have a local upgrade to CServer scheduled for exactly the same time — but if I know our corporate web application development department, it will work only for the “PC” sites — 180 of them — and leave the “Mac” sites (24 in total) in the cold. That’s how it always, always goes.

Would it not have been more intelligent to do this late at night, when fewer people are using the system? Probably. Which is why it wasn’t done that way.



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