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“you will be required to have made these changes” November 18, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Inexplicable Memos From Above.

I received this e-mail from CorporateSpeak corporate headquarters regarding advertising:

All additions, changes and deletions will be made to your local pages today. The PC and Mac support groups will be sending notification to your respective technical staff when the changes have been made.

While your global setups are changed automatically for you by PC and Mac support*, any local custom templates created in your market will not be changed. We ask that you go through your local templates and match them to the new layout that you see in the mock-up’s**. We ask that you quickly make these changes,** so your market can benefit. You will be required to have made these changes by [this date].

I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this message is that there’s no real call to action here. Everything’s couched in very corporate terms. Why couldn’t they say “here is what you need to do, and here’s the date you must have it done by”? “You will be required to have made these changes”? Why use Future Perfect when you can use present tense?

Overcomplication, party of… um… however many corporate people that is.

* (added by me) Mac support is one guy. PC support is about 50. Kind of frustrating. PC and Mac are placeholders for the actual departments.

** Way to grammar-check!



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