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make him part of the tour December 5, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Experiences.

I was going to start this post by saying “nothing is more difficult than…” but really, when you work in a corporate environment, it’s impossible to do that because everything makes your job more difficult.

But it can be a real pain when a whole gaggle of kids comes tromping by from a local school. It doesn’t matter how boring your workplace is; if there’s a co-worker with a child, that kid’s class is coming through. Not only will you then have to say hello, but you will probably end up being part of the tour as someone — maybe your co-worker, maybe an HR person, maybe someone totally different — attempts to make your job sound more interesting than it really is. And if you’re really lucky, they all congregate near your cubicle as they’re forced to listen to a boring talk about a boring job at a boring company.

This is how you’ll end up feeling:

(Skip ahead to 2:40, right after Patrick Stewart announces the thing about the toilets.)

The worst part? They never cover the harsh reality of working at your office: the endless meetings, the pointless revisions, the being-pulled-in-all-directions of the current employment climate, and the unpaid overtime. No, everything’s sunshine and blankets to these eight-year-olds.

Welcome to the amusement park!



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