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living in the fridge 1: plastic grocery bags December 8, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Free Food!, Living in the Fridge.

“Living in the Fridge” is a week-long series covering things you’ll find in your office’s refrigerator.

It’s amazing the stuff you can find in your office’s refrigerator. Maybe yours is very clean. Maybe it’s filthy. Maybe it’s a combination. Maybe it’s rarely used. Maybe it’s jam-packed. No one knows, but in Living in the Fridge, CorporateSpeak is going to look at the five things you’ll probably find in your office refrigerator.

First, here’s the inspiration:

And now, item 1:

CC-licensed photo by Flickr user "The Marmot"Plastic Grocery Bags. Even in these tough economic times, when companies are trying to get us to buy 99-cent reuseable grocery bags with their logos on, it’s impossible to avoid these plastic bags. They’re just flimsy enough to be useless for anything except garbage and food, and just strong enough to carry a gallon of milk up three flights of stairs before giving way at the very top and coating your stairwell in a waterfall of whiteness.

What a beautiful image. Let’s all take a moment to reflect upon it. You may say “wusaw” if you wish.

Anyway. Yeah. Your co-workers (maybe even you) probably think that just because it’s in a plastic grocery bag, that means no one’s going to touch it.

Yeah. Right.

Anything in the office fridge is fair game for the hungriest among us. Sure, you brought in some tasty leftover stew or half a sandwich from the sub shop or even some Chinese takeout that you’ve been coveting for hours and hours. But you’re not the only one who’s coveting. In fact, it’s highly likely that the moment you told your coworkers what you brought for lunch at least one of them began salivating, waiting for that moment when you leave the food in the fridge and forget it’s there. In fact, it’s probable there’s a plastic bag brigade just waiting to see who leaves what food in the fridge for more than a couple of days.

Alternative Methods: Obtain a mini-fridge at your desk; use a lunchbox or thermal bag; go out to eat; wrap packing tape around your bag; put your name on the bag and hope for the best.



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