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living in the fridge 4: health drinks December 11, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Free Food!, Living in the Fridge.

“Living in the Fridge” is a week-long series covering things you’ll find in your office’s refrigerator.

Remixed CC-licensed photo by Flickr user ninjapoodles.

Remixed CC-licensed photo by Flickr user ninjapoodles.

Health Drinks. We all want to lose weight. Even the hot receptionist thinks she (or he) needs to lose five pounds. And what’s the fastest way to pretend like you’re actually serious about it?

That’s right. A health drink.

It’s common these days to find at least one can of Slim-Fast or its less-expensive (or more-expensive) equivalent somewhere in the refrigerator. It’s one thing no one will steal because:

  • Everyone knows the person who owns the drink, and that’s often not a person you want to mess with.
  • It tastes kind of like chocolate and kind of like ass.

If you’re hungry enough, sure, you’ll drink it, but even suspect sandwiches or Chinese food with only a tiny bit of green fuzz on it is more palatable than a health drink. It’s like when you’re a kid and someone gives you brussels sprouts… you just eat right around them.


I just noticed that this is post #100. That may or may not be interesting to you.



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