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if you can do this, that would be great December 18, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Inexplicable Memos From Above, Sales Floor Stories.

Just to follow up..one of our suggestions is that if you have any [company-wide] campaigns running the same time as this campaign, it would free up some space on your site if you go into [the server] and uncheck [the financial section]. If you can do this, that would be great! Please confirm!

Okay, so here’s the background: a company bought advertising on our network. Our national ad people took care of everything. But then they e-mailed all the branch offices who run the individual sites subnetworks and sent us that message. Basically, here’s what it means:

  1. The clients paid us a lot of money.
  2. After we cashed the check, they said “by the way, we want way more than what’s on the contract.
  3. Rather than give back the check, our national ad people said “sure, you can have whatever you want because you gave us a lot of money. We’ll find a way to make it work.”
  4. Our national ad people couldn’t find a way to make it work.
  5. They contacted the individual offices and subnetworks and said “hey, everyone, if you have any paid advertisers running across your entire subnetworks, go ahead and take them out of the financial group so we can deliver this thing we overpromised on.”

My group chose not to comply, pretty much because our local ad manager knows that we’re already overpromising with our local clients. But in order to comply with the request in that e-mail, a local ad manager or trafficker has to:

  1. Pull a report of every ad running across the entire network.
  2. Go into each one of those advertiser categories in the server and find the flights that involve the financial group.
  3. Remove the financial group from the flight.
  4. Save and uncache.
  5. Repeat until all entire-network flights are out of the financial group.
  6. When this big client finishes its run — and we don’t know what date that is because no one’s been told — go put back everything you just took out.

If you can do this, that would be great.



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