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don’t appraise me, bro January 6, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Did I Hear That Right?.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t avoid that joke in the headline.

My performance self-appraisal at CorporateSpeak was due on June 28. Therefore it only follows that my supervisor hasn’t had a chance to do my performance review until sometime in December. When he finally got around to it, he printed a copy and had me sign and date it.
I sign and date a lot of things. It only makes sense that I dated it the actual date it occurred.

A few days ago, my boss walked up to my desk and said, “um… do you still have the original e-mail you sent me with your performance self-appraisal?” It turns out that HR decided I hadn’t turned it in until December.

Fortunately, I save all my e-mails, and I found it quickly by searching “appraisal” in Outlook. I forwarded the e-mail, and hopefully all will be well.

So, what did we learn today?

  1. Performance appraisals are very, very late (but we knew that).
  2. If something needs to be signed so that it was “done” on a certain date, make sure to sign it right.

Employees generally aren’t late on handing in their performance appraisals. But managers are notoriously late when it comes to completing them. Last year, though, I think companies purposely put them at the end of the year so they could say “here’s your 3% raise, and now we’re taking it away because of tough economic times*. Congratulations.”

Oh, and I still haven’t gotten my retro check. Wonder when that’ll show up.

* That one’s for the Lost Reporter.


Beginning today, That Guy is on leave from CorporateSpeak (his real job) due to personal reasons. The blog will continue to update every business day (except the Seven Major Holidays) unless the hosting site goes down. It will be noted when he returns next month (hopefully). Thanks for reading CorporateSpeak!


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