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not all suggestions are good suggestions January 22, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Did I Hear That Right?, Management, Overheard.

CC-licensed image by Flickr user dampeebe.

CC-licensed image by Flickr user dampeebe.

Our new VP has a problem. See, here at CorporateSpeak Headquarters, we solicit suggestions from our customers. Are we doing something wrong? Something right? Is there something we should be doing? Her brainchild was to put a big e-mail form on our frontpage (and guess who got to build it?) and have everyone in the building receive and respond to these e-mails.

Occasionally, these e-mails contain good ideas. But not all customer suggestions are good suggestions.

It’s just frustrating to be sitting where I’m sitting and listening to her say how great all these suggestions are until *ooh shiny thing* she goes off and does something different, thereby forgetting to make all the things she’s supposed to make for everyone else’s projects.

Just one of those little frustrations.



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