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the irrelevant commenter January 27, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Staff.

The Irrelevant Commenter. Have you met the Irrelevant Commenter at your office yet? He’s not hard to miss. He’s a good worker, and he’s good at his job, but he’s not the kind of guy you want in your meeting.

Because he makes the most irrelevant comments you’ve ever heard.

CC-licensed photo by Flickr user Josh Evnin

CC-licensed photo by Flickr user Josh Evnin

Are you talking about a new medication? He might say it sounds like that medicine Kirk gave McCoy in Star Trek III. Are you working on a mock-up for a new webpage? He’ll probably bring up a website he built in high school. Did you say something that is somehow tangentially-related to Rickrolling or lolcats? Well, the Irrelevant Commenter can tellz u how he iz feeling.

Oh, yeah. It’s annoying. And the worst part is this: because this guy is so good at what he does, he works with every department and is in every meeting, and he’s always walking around the building, dropping in on your conversations like a photo bomber. In fact, if you ask him, you’ll find out he probably has been a photo bomber on more than one occasion. Just check his Facebook page (because he of course has incessantly messaged you trying to get you to friend him).

The only way to avoid this guy is to not avoid him. Not as confusing as it sounds; just listen to what he has to say, smile, nod, and move along.



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