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a requirement of your job February 6, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Inexplicable Memos From Above.

This is word-for-word, except for [redacted] elements.

Hey have you watched the [group creation] meeting? Please do so below ..and then make sure to tell me what functions you are interested in. I am off next week – so you need to get to me before tomorrow – or e-mail me next week. Before you sign up – you must watch the link below. This is a requirement of your job.

I have no words. Not really. The people who this person manages:

  • Don’t have time to spend an hour watching a meeting on their computers.
  • Don’t have computers with Windows Media Player (or, really, any media player).
  • Don’t want to sign up for these jobs.
  • Won’t do the jobs they sign up for.
  • Will complain about the wording of this message.
  • Will be given a 100% pass on not watching the video (which can’t be proven anyway) and not signing up for these functions.

That’s really the most annoying thing. This VP has gotten the entire building in on this project, but only her staff will be given a pass if they don’t do what they’re told. That really, really upsets everyone else, but what can anyone else do? This VP apparently rules the roost.

There’s always one.



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