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“we’ve got to get that on the website now!” May 6, 2009

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CC-licensed photo by Louise Docker

CC-licensed photo by Louise Docker

As you’re probably aware, Earth Day was two weeks ago today. Our company has always done a little something special on Earth Day; this year, we put up a page with some “greening your office” tips and changed our main page for the day.

I guess it was a busy day for management, because the Two-Year-Old came running out of her office at about eleven saying “It’s Earth Day! What are we doing for Earth Day! We have to get Earth Day on our website!”

One of my co-workers, Quincy, who is not known for caring about our website in any way, said:

That’s already on the website. We had it up more than an hour ago*.

The Two-Year-Old, who recently gave an interview to a very popular website about how our company is changing with the times, didn’t even look at our website! She specifically said our website is one of the most important parts of our business, but because we didn’t do a gigantic graphical link at the top of the page, she didn’t notice it was there (if she even went to the site at all today).

If anyone tells her about the <blink> tag, that person is going to be thrown off the roof by me and my boss. Headfirst. We’ll aim for the basketball hoop; it’s about the right distance to be a three-pointer.

Seriously. If the company is going to hire a VP to make things better, how about you make sure to hire someone who isn’t going to repeat the mistakes of the last three VPs. Start by checking the website before you fly off the handle next time.

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* Quincy comes in at 10 a.m., so that would’ve been the earliest he saw the site. It was actually up at midnight; someone in my department took care of it because no one else cared.



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