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living in the fridge 7: leftovers May 12, 2009

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“Living in the Fridge” is a week-long series covering things you’ll find in your office’s refrigerator. Items 1 through 5 appeared in December 2008.

CC-licensed photo by Kelly Sue DeConnick

CC-licensed photo by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Leftovers. Ah, leftovers. A glimpse into your co-workers’ home lives. A sample of what they’ve eaten in the past and what they will eat again — because, really, who cooks only one night’s worth of anything?

So they bring it to the office. Little plastic containers populate the refrigerator; only a few at first, but as the morning wears on, they multiply like mushrooms after the rain. And by 2:00, they’re all gone, the empty containers in purses and bags, dropped carelessly on desks, or mistakenly thrown away.

But what was in there? What did you see as your eyes scanned the break room? What odoriferous feasts permeated the cubicle farm? And who the hell cooked fish in the microwave again? (Don’t worry; if you watch the video all the way to the end, the joke makes sense.)

I have a couple of running jokes with my co-workers when it comes to lunch; one of them is that I always make Veronica hungry as I walk past with my reheated food. Some days it’s soup; some days it’s fish (I find that a cream sauce cuts the smell down to pretty much nil); some days it’s whatever chicken dish I made the night before. It all depends. But I’ve brought a lot of leftovers to work in the years I’ve been here, mostly to save money.

For some, though, leftovers are a status symbol — “Look at me! I don’t have to go out to eat! I have a tasty, home-cooked meal (at least, the remnants of one) that I’m going to enjoy in full view of all of you with your sandwiches or your frozen dinners. When you’re jonesing for a snack later, I’ll be at my desk, still sated, occasionally letting out a genteel, well-flavored burp.”

Burp with pride, my fellow leftover-eaters. Burp with pride.

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