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living in the fridge 8: insulated lunch bags May 13, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Living in the Fridge.
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“Living in the Fridge” is a week-long series covering things you’ll find in your office’s refrigerator. Items 1 through 5 appeared in December 2008.

Please don't put insulated lunch bags in the refrigerator.

Please don't put insulated lunch bags in the refrigerator.

Insulated Lunch Bags. This one’s just common sense. Why would you put an insulated lunch bag into the refrigerator? What’s the point? You’re just taking up space that people without insulated lunch bags will have to use. Your lunch bag probably isn’t even 100% full!

If you’re going to spend the money on an insulated lunch bag, throw in an ice pack and keep it at your desk. What’s the point of spending $20 on a bag that keeps the heat out if you’re going to try to keep it cold by putting it in the refrigerator?

I’m sorry, but my mind is so completely boggled that I can’t come up with any more coherent thoughts on the subject. Just… if you do this, don’t.

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1. How Can Daily Users Not Know? | Detour - January 3, 2011

[…] The owners can't possibly know how either works or they wouldn't do it.I will never understand why people place insulated lunch bags in the refrigerator. The action shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how an item they use on a daily basis works. The insulated lunch bag keeps the items inside cold with a layer of insulation that prevents the exterior temperature conditions from effecting the inside temperature. The protective insulation prevents the heat of you office desk from warming your precious lunch…it also keeps the cold of the office refrigerator from cooling your food further. So placing the insulated tote in the fridge (unopened, as 90%+ of the are) does nothing but take up extra space. […]

2. dave rees - December 23, 2012

i should imagine it is to keep the food inside of the tote at a more consistent temperature during transporting to and from work. removing it from the bag, to put in the fridge, would be a waste of time.
this is going to ensure a safer environment for the food and reduce the chance of bacteria developing when the food would otherwise warm to surrounding temperatures in transit.
preventing food poisoning is not such a bad idea i think.

3. fit & fresh insulated newport lunch bag - April 30, 2013

I used to have an insulated lunch tote which with an ice pack
could keep things cold right through the day. Once It
got a bit worn out I invested in a new one from Walmart but I
will be fortunate if it will keep things properly cooled until lunch break.

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