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living in the fridge 10: moldy fruit May 15, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Living in the Fridge.
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“Living in the Fridge” is a week-long series covering things you’ll find in your office’s refrigerator. Items 1 through 5 appeared in December 2008.

Photo by Liz Jones

Photo by Liz Jones

Moldy fruit. We’ve all been there; we’ve all made our effort to lose weight by eating healthier — more fruits, more vegetables, more sandwiches, fewer meals out, fewer frozen dinners, fewer donuts. It always starts so well, too; we come to work with a low-salt turkey sandwich, two apples, and a bag of soy crisps.

And we forget. We ignore the apples because “I already had that cookie this morning” or “I had a banana with my breakfast, so I can skip it.” We leave them in the refrigerator.


Then, one day about four months later, we get a hankering for a snack of some sort. There’s nothing in the drawers. There’s no time to go out. But… but… oh, yeah, that apple I never ate! It’s totally still in the refrigerator.

Yeah. You’re not going to want to eat that.

The best part about moldy fruit in the work refrigerator is that no one throws it away. They just leave it, hoping that the custodians will toss it, or the owner will remember it, or someone else will take care of it. They forget that they work in an office; no one does favors for anyone, no matter how small — not even anything as simple as tossing some trash into the bin. That fruit’s going to sit there until the end of time, being moved around from shelf to shelf until, finally, it collapses into a sticky puddle.

Then people will just avoid that part of the refrigerator.

Moldy fruit: it’s living in the fridge.

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Living in the Fridge will return at some point in the future, when I think of five more things in everyone’s office refrigerator.



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