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dick move, corporate person June 12, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Economic Downturn, Getting Hired, Unsociable Networking.
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As I mentioned Wednesday, my boss was laid off. So were about 40 others across the company, many of whom are my friends on Facebook. Yesterday, one of them, Charlene, posted this Facebook status update:

How about a Facebook page for ex-CorporateSpeak webmasters?

And Alfred, a sales-and-web consultant at the corporate office had the balls to post this comment less than half an hour later:

Great idea! are you all on Twitter and LinkedIn as well?

And I — and my cubicle-mate — just about exploded with indignation. Seriously, Alfred? Seriously, when your job is 100% safe because your results are un-quantifiable (all subjective), you have the testicular fortitude to post on the Facebook page of a woman who lost her job with literally no warning — a woman who was one of the five most-qualified webmasters at CorporateSpeak — that it’s a good idea? And to suggest to someone who’s in the web community that she should have a Twitter and LinkedIn page?

You. Idiot.

Here is the appropriate response from any corporate person not fired at the same time:

That’s right. The sound of silence. If you want to offer helpful hints, do it on the phone or via e-mail. Or in person. I offered my boss information on recruiters I have used in the past, and he welcomed it. I’m sure that Charlene would’ve been pleased to talk to Alfred about strategies for getting hired elsewhere, but for Alfred to post such a flip, cavalier message on Charlene’s Facebook page is a pretty big dick move. I feel bad for Charlene because she got fired, but I feel worse for Alfred because he’s so inept that he seemed to not even know what he was doing when he posted that.

Beyond that, Charlene will never, ever call Alfred out for what he said. And that’s too bad.

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