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nice to be invited… oh, wait… June 15, 2009

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My boss was laid off, as you know. Friday was his last day. I happened upon his office around 11:00 that morning and he was talking to Judd and Ray, an IT guy and a content editor (respectively). Apparently Judd was planning to take my boss out to lunch. Ray somehow got himself invited — and hung out more than two hours after his shift ended to go along.

My boss (now ex-boss, I suppose) was trying to figure out where they were going to go.

Then, at 12:45, they left.

I wasn’t invited.

Curious. I’m the only person left in the department. I continually pulled his ass out of the fire when he either acted the fool and said no without thinking, or when he had to figure something out and couldn’t do so. Of the six people he’s hired, I’m the only one still working for him (three quit, one was transferred to another department, and one was freelance and sucked so badly that we didn’t ask her back). The two who were already here when I got here — one works nights and the other works from home, so they weren’t here. And they don’t work for him anymore (transferred to other departments too).

But no, don’t ask your one employee to come to lunch. I might not even have said yes, but it would be nice to be asked.

I get it, kind of; maybe he’s bitter that I still have a job and he doesn’t. But maybe he doesn’t get that over the past three years we’ve formed a working relationship that I think goes beyond boss/employee — we’ve been out outside of work, and we’ve been in work-related extracurriculars like the fantasy football league I run here.

Insult to injury: I texted him and asked if he could swing my McDonald’s, which is literally two miles up the street, to pick me up an iced coffee on his way back. He texted back:

not going that way sorry dude

Really? It wasn’t as if I was going to stiff him on the $2.25, but seriously? Come on, dude. Would it kill you? It’s not like you want to be back here anyway for the rest of your last day.

He’s applying for a regional position, newly created, based out of our building. I’m kind of concerned because he’s a good enough BS artist to actually get the job, but he wouldn’t be very good at it. I’m a better candidate than he is, and I think it would still be a pay cut for him but it would be a raise for me (a small one) as well as — and this is key — an office away from the production floor.

Ah well. I don’t wish him ill, and I won’t miss him fielding meetings so I can actually work, but if you can’t be bothered to invite to lunch the person who hooked you up with recruiters when you lost your job and made you look good when you had one, then that’s the best you’re going to get from me.

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1. Jonathan - June 15, 2009

It sounds like he wasn’t really taking charge of this one – Judd was taking him out, and Ray invited himself along. It may have just been some confusion around who was in “leading” the outing. Maybe he thought you would have volunteered yourself if you wanted to come.

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