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The Plight of the Fat Guy 5: The Closest Parking Lot July 10, 2009

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Here’s another week on CorporateSpeak: the Plight of the Fat Guy.

The phrase “fat cat” rarely applies the way it used to, when it comes to upper management. In the old days, if you were fat, it was a sign of status — you could afford to eat a lot. But these days thinner people are healthier (as a general rule) because they can afford to eat healthier, hire personal trainers, or get gastric bypass surgery. Now the fat employees are the ones who work long hours, eat crappy food, and have no time to exercise because of the hours plus the horrible commutes to the far-off suburbs which are the only places they can afford to live.

The other perk of being in upper management is that you tend to get a reserved parking spot up close to the building. And the fat guys don’t.


As costs go up and benefits go down, overweight employees are going to suffer the most — they’ll have to pay more for their medical problems, which will cut into their going-to-the-gym money or their eating-healthy-food money, and continue the cycle.

The fat guy’s plight is quite a large one, as befits his size. He is derided, mistreated, and generally pooped on on a regular basis, and all he can do is sit there and take it.

Be nice to your local fat guy. He certainly could use it.

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