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can you guys get these on the web site July 14, 2009

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

As you probably know by now, Michael Jackson died last month. One of the PR agencies our national office works with put out some special Michael Jackson commemorative merchandise. Setting aside the whole “profiting off the death of a famous person” thing, the key phrase here is “our national office”.

So instead of going into our servers and setting all this up for the 150 offices of CorporateSpeak across the country and in Canada and Europe, the account executive sent an e-mail to his boss asking everyone to run banner ads for this offer — because the client paid for it to run on a lot of our websites — and his boss went to his boss, and so on, all the way up the ladder and across to my division of the company, where the head of the division e-mailed the Big Bosses for each office, and the Big Bosses e-mailed the department heads, and the department heads e-mailed the web monkeys with a message something like this:

Can you guys get these on the web site

No punctuation, either.

No further information — nothing about how long they need to run, how much inventory they should get, any of that. Just “can you guys get these on the web site”.

Of course I can. I’ll put it on a page no one looks at, at the very bottom, until you give me enough information that I can do the job the right way. Not that you want that; you just want it now, and you don’t care how right it is.

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1. Happy Bastille Day.

2. This post was originally titled trickle-down drudgery.


1. Cathryn - July 14, 2009

How well I know those demands – information requested without context or qualifiers.

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