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make some mo’! July 22, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Free Food!, Seen Elsewhere.
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In a strange piece of serendipity, three things happened yesterday:

  1. My co-worker LR complained that, for the third time in a week’s worth of work, the person who finished the coffee did not make a fresh pot.
  2. In the sci-fi novel I was reading, an ensign’s internal monologue said, “realizing he finished the last of the coffee, he knew he would have to brew a fresh pot”.
  3. Another co-worker happened to be playing a Terry Tate, Office Linebacker video on his computer.

You may have seen this before:

It is only polite to refresh the coffee pot when you finish it off. Now, odds are good the coffee will go to waste, but then, that’s why the company provides you coffee, right? So you can make a weak pot of the cheap stuff and if someone like the coffee snob shows up and sniffs it, s/he will simply pour it out and make a pot of the good stuff.

Which you can then go drink.

See? The system works, as long as when you kill the joe, you make some mo’.



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