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I don’t ask for much August 14, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Observations, Overheard.
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I don’t ask for much around CorporateSpeak, but there are a few things that everyone should be able to do for the good of the company, the good of their fellow employees, and the general pursuit of good morale.

  1. Turn things off when you’re done with them. We have a few televisions in the room where I work. People leave them turned on, which is fine, and turned way up, which is not. There are lots of other people working in here. Watch TV in the break room.
  2. Wear headphones, or listen quietly. I admit I have streaming music on my computer most of the time. But I keep it low; you can’t hear it from more than five feet away unless you’re really trying. Be as courteous as me. I don’t need to hear “the awesomest YouTube video ever” sixteen times because you have to show it to everyone in the room.
  3. Don’t talk so loud. Even with headphones I can still hear everything you say. We don’t have big cubicles; the walls are four feet high. I understand we have to talk to get our jobs done, but try doing it a little more softly. Everyone will appreciate it.
  4. Proofread. Seriously. You are getting paid a good salary to do this job. Have a little pride in your work and spell-check. Do you realize how stupid we all look when you can’t spell “vandalized” or put a space between “in” and “front”? Oh, and you know who gets all the e-mailed complaints, right?
  5. Calm down. When something urgent comes up, you don’t have to yell, jump up and down, call in the cavalry, shout across the room, or any combination of those. Just deal with the problem in a calm, quiet manner. We’ll all appreciate it.
  6. Quit your bitching. This place sucks. We all know this place sucks. It sucks to work here. It sucks to hang around here. Our jobs suck. But we have jobs to do, and we should be thankful. Don’t complain in the middle of the room. At least have the decency to take your negativity to a break room.

There are other things I want, not the least of which is “take pride in your work”, but this is a good place to start. Each and every one of these things happened yesterday — the TVs were left on, YouTube was watched loudly, people shouted, things were misspelled everywhere, everyone went crazy when one of our projects went horribly wrong, and the complaining made me upset even though it was a fairly good day overall.

Increase morale, people. Do little things. Make your work a better place to be. I don’t ask for much, but maybe you could do that for me.

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1. modestypress - August 17, 2009

Also, people should blog quietly.

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