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office revelation 3:16 August 24, 2009

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Revelation 3:16 can be translated thusly:

Be thou hot or cold. Be thou lukewarm and I will spit thee out of my mouth.

Wonderful image, isn’t it? And yet so frequently seen at offices around the U.S., no one is comfortable: half the employees are hot, and half are cold. We all want to be lukewarm — that is, comfortable — but everyone feels comfort at a different temperature.

In our old building, my desk was near the server room, which was kept quite cold, as server rooms often are. It wasn’t as well-secured as it should have been, and the big door that led into it — we called it the refrigerator door — was almost always left standing open. My co-workers would often grumble as they walked past me to shut the door. I personally didn’t mind; I like it cool. To me, that’s comfortable.

In the new building, the temperature fluctuates quite a bit, at least to me. Sometimes I’m very warm. Sometimes I’m cool and comfortable. Occasionally I’m quite cold. Many days, though, my body can’t decide what it wants. I keep a fan on my desk in case it gets hot in here — a common problem at every one of my places of work — and like as not I’ll turn it on for a few minutes, get cold, turn it off, heat up, turn it on, get cold, and repeat ad nauseum. My co-workers are in a similar situation. I’m sure yours are too.

Perhaps in an office the verse should be:

Be thou hot or cold. Be thou lukewarm and you’re probably not sitting in the same room as the rest of us.

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