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let me google that for you September 21, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Technology Trouble.
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This message is not sponsored by Google, or by “Let Me Google That For You”.

CC-licensed photo by SAN_DRINO

CC-licensed photo by SAN_DRINO

Early this morning one of my friends tweeted that she couldn’t figure out how to make the LED on her Blackberry stop blinking. I replied that the solution was in her settings (I used to own a Blackberry), and she said “I know; I just can’t figure out where.”

So I googled blackberry led off. I clicked the first item. It gave me the answer.

Now, instead of telling my friend, I decided I wanted her to learn so she wouldn’t need to bother anyone else. Enter our good friends at Let Me Google That For You. Basically what they do is create a Google search portal — which is perfectly all right under Google’s TOS — and, when you type in your search term, they build an animation. Then you send the URL to someone (like I did to my friend). That someone clicks the URL. That someone is shown how to find answers via Google.

Click here to see the link I sent my friend.

They even have an option for the internet-savvy: they’ll give you a TinyURL that runs the animation, if you ask for it. My friend happens to be internet-savvy; she runs a relatively-popular sex blog*. I’m actually rather surprised she didn’t just Google an answer.

Ah well. She, like so many others — and, I’m sure, like the others at your office — sometimes doesn’t have time to Google an answer. But for those people who have no excuse, feel free to use LMGTFY (as the site is abbreviated). You’ll probably get a laugh, and hopefully people will start checking Google before they bother you. Because really all you’re going to do is go to Google to find the answer anyway.

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* I was friends with her before the sex blog. Not that that really matters, but I figured I should say that so I’d look a little bit less of a perv.



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