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fridge sign week: is your name dave? October 19, 2009

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“Is your name Dave?” Boy, did Dave screw this one up. First of all, “Dave” (and other forms of David) is a pretty popular name. What are the odds that there’s no one else who uses the breakroom with the same name? If your name is Samir or Marcie, you might have better luck, but Dave made a huge mistake.

And what about the Dave who wrote the “Daves 4 Life” post-it? Well, he did teach Green Tea Dave a lesson, but more importantly, anyone who recognizes his handwriting is going to do the office equivalent of voting him up on a photo-submission website. “Hey, Dave F., you sure showed Dave W., huh?” And meanwhile, Dave W. — “Green Tea Dave” — is just going to get madder and madder.

Green Tea Dave’s recourse at this point is to put an ice tray in the freezer, keep the green tea at his desk, and pour it into a glass when he wants to drink some. Or escalate the sign war. His choice, really.

Pretty sure he went with option “B”.



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