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fridge sign week: just take the whole slice next time October 20, 2009

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And speaking of unsanitary… it doesn’t look like this was bitten off, but I don’t see any fork prints on the remaining slice of pizza, which means someone used his or her hands to pull off about 40 percent of this slice.

We’re living in the age of the pandemic panic — if it’s not SARS, it’s Bird Flu. If it’s not Bird Flu, it’s Swine Flu. If it’s not Swine Flu, it’s… okay, well, it’s still Swine Flu right now. The point is: do you think anyone’s going to eat the remaining piece of pizza after you touched it? If they don’t know, they’re not going to bother trying. That piece of pizza will sit there until Milton eats it or it gets thrown away.

At this point, it’s better to just take the entire piece of pizza, cake, cookie, or sandwich, eat what you want, and either wrap or toss the rest. Or, if you only want a small piece, find a knife and fork. At least it’ll look like you tried.


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