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fridge sign week: ya big goof October 21, 2009

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Let me, for the moment, ignore the polite closing at the bottom of the memo. Because this guy just announced who he is and that he knows someone’s stealing his stuff. Well, dude, if you sit ten steps from the refrigerator, shouldn’t you be able to catch the thief?

Why do you have a whole carton of eggs in the refrigerator anyway? Do you have one of those microwave scrambled-egg makers? Are you training for a role as the guy who drinks the raw eggs so Stallone doesn’t have to when he makes Rocky 7? Or did you buy them on the way to work with the intent of bringing them home because you ran out? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that people steal stuff out of this refrigerator all the time — after all, if they stole an entire carton of eggs, who knows what else has gone missing? Use your brain!

Oh, and now we all know you have grapes, too. Did you count them? Individually number them?

Perhaps the better option would have been to say this:

To the person who stole my carton of eggs: please replace it within a week, no questions asked. Thank you.

Beats the hell out of what you wrote.



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