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fridge sign week: if you want this October 22, 2009

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So here’s something interesting: what do you do if there’s a piece of food, open to the elements, with a note saying you can eat it if you want? Do you eat it, risking contamination from the contents or the amount of time it’s been sitting out? Do you leave it for someone else to take a chance on? Do you throw it out so no one has to face the perilous decision to eat or not to eat?

I think in most cases it’s safe to eat stuff that’s been left out for a little while. The trick is to know not only how long it’s been left out but who did the leaving. If it’s someone you trust, then by all means eat away — I used to make food every now and then with the express intent of sharing it around the office, to test new recipes. But there are certain people you just don’t want to take food from.

Would you eat this burrito?



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