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fridge sign week: provide me with some cookies October 23, 2009

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I figured I’d end this week on a lighter note. This particular sign can be taken in a few different ways:

  • Retaliatorily: Perhaps Peter stole some of Jon’s cookies, Jon found out, and Jon is using this sign to shame Peter. If so, he’s done it in an amusing way that doesn’t explicitly call Peter out for what he did.
  • Admonishingly: Perhaps Peter is an inveterate note-leaver and recently wrote about someone stealing his cookies. I’m pretty sure Jon didn’t steal said cookies, but if cookies were stolen and Jon didn’t get any and he’s sick of reading Peter’s notes about his missing food, he might have written something like this with the specific purpose of making Peter realize how annoying his notes are. (And anyway, most cookies don’t need to be refrigerated; hide them in your desk.)
  • Teasingly: As with “admonishingly”, it’s possible Peter and Jon worked together to write a funny note that takes on other note-leavers.
  • Disappointedly: If Peter is the guy who’s in charge of bringing snack-type foods for parties and gatherings, and Jon’s birthday went unnoticed, then Peter really is at fault here for not treating Jon the same way as he treated other employees in the company.
  • Truthfully: Or it could just be that Peter told Jon he’d bring him some cookies for whatever reason — maybe Jon helped him out in a pinch, or stayed late to work with him on a project — and has consistently forgotten. In that case, I get the feeling Peter probably thought the note was funny.

I’m not a big fan of notes, but this one isn’t so bad, I think.



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