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it sends the wrong message November 4, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Pictures, Seen Elsewhere.
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I’m that guy. The one with the tons of toys in the cubicle. Well, not so much anymore after the reorg, but I still have about ten in plain sight including an old-school Transformer that one guy was totally enamored with.

When I first started putting toys at my cubicle, it was to single myself out as the weird guy, the one who has a personality — to, you know, combat the perception that I was just another web geek who did stuff no one understood. It worked brilliantly, let me tell you. At the new cube, since I’m not technically a web guy (the people on the next floor up do most of the actual customer-facing web design), I’m trying to cut back a bit but it’s not really working. Mostly because the people who sit in this area with me are actually weirder than I am.

Who knew?



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