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workpoop November 13, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Seen Elsewhere, Wasting Time.
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Sometimes, other blogs can say things far more eloquently than you (or, in this case, I) can. Such as this post on BoingBoing:

How much do you get paid to poop? That’s the question asked by Workpoop.com, a Web site that will, helpfully, time your restroom breaks and then calculate how much money you make while on the toilet using that time, the number of times you go per week and your hourly salary. I’m torn between three feelings here: First, a childish glee; Second, a childish disappointment that I can’t really participate, what with not having an hourly salary; and Third, the creeping sensation that, somewhere, somebody’s boss is using this to shorten their break times.

Regrettably, that third one is very, very likely.

I’ll be the first to admit that I do take some advantage of my company’s “hands-off” policy on work bathroom breaks. It’s not that I go in there to intentionally waste time, but hey, I have an iPhone and it comes with me everywhere I go. I go into the bathroom to poop, sure… but then I get sidetracked with e-mails or instant messages or casual games or even an idea for a CorporateSpeak blog entry that I start composing in the Notes app.

Speaking of iPhones, how long do you think before WorkPoop has an iPhone app where you can keep track of your time spent in the bathroom, how much company money you’ve spent dumping, and so on… and, best of all, how much have you spent versus others in the country or the world? I’d certainly like to know, and it would give me one more thing to waste time on while sitting in the bathroom.

Oh, and speaking of dumps and work, this gave me a little chuckle when I found it this week. I would totally do it, too.



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