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meeting cost calculator November 16, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Meeting Minutes.
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And, on the heels of workpoop, we have the meeting cost calculator. Basically what this nifty little tool does is figure out, based upon the average salary of the attendees, how much a meeting is costing the company.

Try it next time.


cc-licensed photo by Andy Melton

Here’s an example: in my old role, I was required to attend the morning planning meeting every day despite not being involved in any of the actual planning. I had to spend anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes there. (Let’s say 30 per day.) Also in attendance: two designers, two managers, one VP, an average of five photographers and/or videographers, an average of five photographer/videographer/writer/jack-of-all-trades people, the person who actually implemented what happened during morning planning, and one multimedia design specialist. That’s an average of 18 people a day locked in for 30 to 60 minutes (the designers, managers, and VP always stayed the full time) — again, we’re going with 30 — just to talk about the stuff we’re doing today and the stuff we did yesterday. Let’s say, if you average out the salaries, that each person makes $27.50 per hour. So, $27.50 * 0.5 * 260 (the number of weekdays in an average year) = $3,575 per year per person spent on the planning meeting. Multiply that by 15 (just to be generous) and you get $53,625.

Yes. That’s right. Almost another average person’s salary was spent on that morning planning meeting.

Double it, because they had another one in the afternoon as well which, fortunately, I didn’t have to attend. Also, the afternoon meeting was attended by people who make less money (generally), so let’s say $100,000 was spent a year on average on the two daily planning meetings. That’s three low-paid individuals’ salary.

Makes you a little more likely to want to try the meeting ticker, doesn’t it?

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