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why do you think I have it? November 17, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Observations.
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I’m not known for having the cleanest desk in the universe. In fact, I was somewhat famous for it when I worked downstairs. Stacks of paper, notes scribbled on several pads in no particular order, toys and books and printouts all over the place, you name it. Now that I’m upstairs, things are a little neater — I still have a pile of stuff, but the notebooks at least are neat and everything messy is on one side.

One of the pitfalls of having a messy desk, of course, is losing things:

* Last Monday: “It’s not on my desk”
* Last Tuesday: “I rechecked, and it’s definitely not on my desk”
* Last Wednesday: “I definitely don’t have it. You must have it.”
* Last Thursday: “It’s definitely not with me. I remember giving them to you.”
* Last Friday: “I don’t know why you haven’t found it yet. It has to be somewhere on your desk.”
* Yesterday: “Erm, here’s that thing you were looking for. It was under some papers on my desk.”
* Today: “You need what from me? Why do you think I have it?”

This is more about e-mail these days — specifically “I didn’t get your e-mail” or “I didn’t get that meeting request”. I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a place where I needed to give anyone anything that isn’t digital. Plus, most of the stuff I work on is on shared drives… though, given that downstairs when the shared drive failed we lost years of data… yeah, it’s possible that me, you, or anyone could have stuff on their computer hidden under a folder or something.



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