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“hiatus” December 7, 2009

Posted by That Guy in Definition, Meta.


The short definition of “hiatus” is “what this blog is going on”.

I like writing CorporateSpeak entries. Sometimes. The thing is, keeping up fresh content on a daily basis, along with everything else I do, and not really getting any increase in pageviews… it’s not doing it for me. I ran this blog with a new post every day for 15 months with very little change.

I’ll be honest: I started CorporateSpeak in the hope that whomever was reading blogs and turning them into books would want to do the same with this one. I mean, if that fancy fast food blog got a book deal after six posts, I certainly should’ve been able to do the same, right?

I also started it to have an outlet for my frustration with my job. But I’m not frustrated about my job anymore. After the reorg, I suddenly found myself with nothing to complain about, work-wise, except the fact that I kept getting stuck late at work on Fridays. (But when you work with ad agencies, that tends to happen a lot.)

Finally… CorporateSpeak takes time to maintain. I have to find topics that I’m interested in, write about them, and hope I’ve done a good enough job to get people to read the posts. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life besides the blog, and this takes up more time than I feel it is worth at this point.

So for now I’m putting this blog on hiatus. I may return in a few weeks, or I may return in a few months. Or I might come back on 1/3/10 with a weekly or bi-weekly format. Who knows?

Thank you for reading. I encourage you to migrate over to a blog that I’m actually trying to do something with, I Had To Tell SOMEONE, and send me your amusing, unintentionally-dirty, or just plain strange chats — Facebook, IM, Twitter, Gmail, Wave, whatever.

Until then… keep me in your RSS reader. You never know when I’ll pop up next.



1. fancyfastfood - December 7, 2009

FYI, Fancy Fast Food got numerous book deal OFFERS after six posts, none of which have come to fruition yet. But perseverance shall prevail — we hope, anyway.

2. That Guy - December 7, 2009

Okay, I’ll give you that. And congratulations to you on getting noticed so quickly… definitely the blogger’s dream, to be talked about.

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