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weekly departmental meeting August 20, 2008

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Here are some things we discussed in our weekly departmental meeting:

* Blamestorming.
* If everything is important, nothing is important, and communicating that to various other departments. (Shortly thereafter, my boss made a comment about how everything is important again.)
* When there are only a few people in a tiny room, why does everyone speak so loudly?
* No communication between departments. It’s very circular that way around here.
* We’re expecting our biggest problem department to get a new manager very soon. That person has already been announced. Everyone who has a problem with the problem department is treating the new manager like a holy grail. However, I think everyone is expecting the grail to be filled with poo, not gold, no matter how talked-up this new person is. I know I am.
* Everything is important, so everything is an emergency.
* Work is duplicated intradepartmentally because no one talks to anyone else.
* Our lives would be easier if IT hooked up a certain cable. IT is too lazy to hook up said cable.
* Half our department can’t access content to monitor what’s going on. No one cares.
* The problem department has desks our department has to work at from time to time. They’re designed to damage backs, and the monitors are too far away to see.
* A second reference to the holy grail manager.

This is relatively short, but it’s almost COB, and I really want to get out of here. I have a corporate conference call to chronicle for you too. I’ll do that tomorrow.


weekly departmental meeting August 6, 2008

Posted by That Guy in Departmental, Meeting Minutes.
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In addition to posting corporatespeak, we will also be posting minutes of meetings we have held. You may be interested.

Weekly Departmental Meeting

1. An employee is leaving our team. She has decided she no longer needs to attend any of our team meetings. Her last day is eight business days from now.

2. Our big project yesterday didn’t fully come together until literally four minutes before it had to go live. One of the teams involved had eight calendar days to finish that.

3. Our “punch list” (definition to come at a later time) was briefly discussed.

4. Our new project — which was handed to me last Thursday, and was not fully approved by all departments until this morning — is still due by COB Friday. Assets from the “holier than thou” department were assigned this morning, and will likely not be in my hands until Friday after COB. I will make it work, because I refuse to present a project half-assed. It would make me look bad, but the “holier than thou” department will come up roses because they “tried really hard”. (And they’re all under contract, so it doesn’t really matter to them.)

5. Another new project was dumped on me today by our corporate office. No one cares about it except the advertisers, and it’s due COB tomorrow. It’s relatively easy, but I’m still not happy about it.

6. We discussed the agonizing conference call I participated in yesterday. My supervisor has to call someone at the corporate office to figure out just what they were talking about, and how to adapt it to my branch of the company (the least-important branch which still has the most-popular properties).

7. The company recently invested several million dollars in a new technological venture. Someone in my department proposed a way to make things easier for multiple departments by using this new technology. My supervisor is going to mention it to the corporate guy mentioned in Point 6, and our guy’s idea will cease to be. Then, in six months, the corporate office will lay out a terrifyingly-bad training plan to teach us how to use this new technology… which we, of our own accord, tried to figure out how to use all on our own.

8. Everyone in the building is complaining vociferously about our new offices. In a workplace with already-fragile morale, this cannot be helpful.