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“hiatus” December 7, 2009

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The short definition of “hiatus” is “what this blog is going on”.

I like writing CorporateSpeak entries. Sometimes. The thing is, keeping up fresh content on a daily basis, along with everything else I do, and not really getting any increase in pageviews… it’s not doing it for me. I ran this blog with a new post every day for 15 months with very little change.

I’ll be honest: I started CorporateSpeak in the hope that whomever was reading blogs and turning them into books would want to do the same with this one. I mean, if that fancy fast food blog got a book deal after six posts, I certainly should’ve been able to do the same, right?

I also started it to have an outlet for my frustration with my job. But I’m not frustrated about my job anymore. After the reorg, I suddenly found myself with nothing to complain about, work-wise, except the fact that I kept getting stuck late at work on Fridays. (But when you work with ad agencies, that tends to happen a lot.)

Finally… CorporateSpeak takes time to maintain. I have to find topics that I’m interested in, write about them, and hope I’ve done a good enough job to get people to read the posts. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life besides the blog, and this takes up more time than I feel it is worth at this point.

So for now I’m putting this blog on hiatus. I may return in a few weeks, or I may return in a few months. Or I might come back on 1/3/10 with a weekly or bi-weekly format. Who knows?

Thank you for reading. I encourage you to migrate over to a blog that I’m actually trying to do something with, I Had To Tell SOMEONE, and send me your amusing, unintentionally-dirty, or just plain strange chats — Facebook, IM, Twitter, Gmail, Wave, whatever.

Until then… keep me in your RSS reader. You never know when I’ll pop up next.


day off October 6, 2009

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I need a day off. Sorry. I’ll be back tomorrow.

closed for company holiday September 7, 2009

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Labor Day: it’s a holiday.

a very corporatespeak first anniversary August 13, 2009

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Just a note that, back on August 6, 2008, I posted my first post on CorporateSpeak and we opened the door to understanding the crap you hear at the office. I completely missed the first anniversary — I was a tad busy at the time — but here’s the first post.

And I’m glad that my one-year-anniversary post was something substantive.

So thanks for stopping by. Tell your friends. Send me your speak. Write me guest posts. And keep on keeping on.

sick day July 20, 2009

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Let’s go ahead and call today a sick day *cough cough* in the way high school students who forget their homework tell their parents they’re not feeling well and then dump a huge cup of water into the toilet to simulate throwing up.

What, you never did that?

Closed for Memorial Day May 25, 2009

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CorporateSpeak is closed for Memorial Day. It is a company holiday. If you’re working… well, enjoy your comp day.

late entry April 21, 2009

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Today’s post will be three hours and 45 minutes late. You’ll see why when it drops, in about three hours and 45 minutes.

just not the way you do it March 24, 2009

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Keep this in mind when you’re doing your job in a way that the company doesn’t approve of.


An administrative note: as of today, whenever I post a picture or comic with a one-paragraph remark, I will post a second time later in the day with another similarly-short post. That way, you won’t feel cheated (if you’ve been feeling cheated, that is). It’ll show up at 4:00.

tags March 2, 2009

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An administrative note: as of today, all posts on CorporateSpeak will be tagged with keywords that are relevant to the topic being talked about. If you’d like more posts on those topics, you may click the tags at the top of each post. It will start with the next post, “the people in your network neighborhood”.

wordpress dashboard stats February 8, 2009

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The WordPress dashboard usually offers a line-graph of stats for wordpress.com-hosted sites. For a few weeks last year, that changed to a triple-bar graph with no stats whatsoever (just random color bars). Then it fixed itself.

Now it’s gone back to the bar graphs.

Does anyone who has a wordpress.com-hosted blog have any similar experiences to share? Or does anyone know why this is happening?

Now back to your regularly-scheduled CorporateSpeak.